Friday, 12 August 2022

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Lotus Pilates
Sunday 14 August 2022, 08:30am - 09:30am
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Contact  Nicola 07449 187079

Classical Pilates taught in a relaxed fashion.  We keep our groups small and personable as technique is so important.

Working through the Traditional 34 mat repertoire with lots of modifications in a fun and relaxed environment.

This is a safe space where you can work out comfortably with peace of mind that you are doing the exercises correctly with the guidance of a fully qualified and committed instructor.

Pilates is a low intensity support and resistance-based exercise regime that is designed to strengthen, lengthen and restore your body’s balance. It promotes overall development of the body with a mindful and holistic approach.

Myth Busters:

I have to be flexible:  NO!  Whilst Flexibility is one of the benefits of practising Pilates regularly. The Pilates exercise regime is geared to improve flexibility and a greater range of motion

Pilates is for the “CORE”: Pilates  is so much more than a “core” workout  it improves posture, flexibility, muscle endurance, coordination, balance and strength throughout the entire body with all muscles working together.

Pilates is Just for women: NO WAY!!  Pilates was created by a man on a mans body and is beneficial for every "body" male or female.

Any other myths you need busting give me a call or visit the website

Classes are £11 for a pay as you go or £45 for a block of 5 Classes.